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We Deliver.


Your Success is the Goal.

CANDA's comprehensive risk assessment involves a thorough examination of your organization's risk landscape. This includes identifying both potential threats and opportunities.



Our approach ensures you understand the nuances of your unique risk profile, empowering you to make informed decisions. This sets us apart as a partner that goes beyond the surface, providing actionable insights that drive success and operational improvements.

We believe in customized solutions and we always work closely with your team to develop strategies that align to determined business goals and objectives. We educate your organization on the rationale behind each risk mitigation strategy and tailor our solutions specific to your needs. This personalized approach demonstrates our commitment to your success, setting us apart from one-size-fits-all providers.


We began our journey by addressing the specific requirements of our clients in risk management. Our COTS Fresh Haystack is an all-encompassing, advanced security and risk-focused platform. Our solution is fueled by workflow-driven metrics, dynamic dashboards, seamless integrations, and smart automation. 

This transformation led us to embrace Enterprise Risk Management, offering you a comprehensive case management platform that efficiently harnesses information from various internal and external systems. With Fresh Haystack, we empower you to embark on a journey of digital modernization, tailored to meet your unique needs.


Our clients speak volumes about the value we bring. They applaud our ability to stand out in the industry, thanks to our unwavering dedication to their success.


As we look ahead to the future of Enterprise Risk, Vetting, Trusted Workforce 2.0 and Industrial/Personnel Security Domain, Fresh Haystack proudly stands as the pioneer and technology leader. We are the sole product in the market that caters to the entire lifecycle, from applicant onboarding to employment and offboarding. Bringing together a single, secure, and modular platform, Fresh Haystack seamlessly combines:

•    Advanced Security Measures
•    Risk Management Expertise
•    Customizable Workflow Solutions
•    Seamless Data Integrations
•    Streamlined Automation Capabilities





We measure our success by the impact we have on your business. Our promise is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them. By entrusting us with your Risk Management needs, you gain a reliable and proven partner dedicated to providing you with the trust, efficiency, and results you deserve. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the Fresh Haystack advantage. Take the leap towards a future where risk management is seamless, and your organization thrives on trust. Let's embark on this journey together.

CANDA Solutions product differentiators


• Vision: Our new features are copied by competitors since we are thought leaders in this space.


• Feature: risk focused case management for national security with use cases beyond compliance.

• Architecture: Cloud and configurable with prebuilt workflows.

• Deployment: Easy delivery, automated testing, quarterly updates / releases for on-prem / cloud.


FARM and Agile Harvest. 

• Support: always customer first and timely (no backlog).

• Implementation: frictionless delivery.

• Technical Skills: we are the technology company in the risk domain driven by Simplifying National Security.

• Domain Expertise: we are experts in risk management and vetting space for decades.

CANDA Solutions services differentiators
CANDA Solutions business practices differentiators


• Pricing: transaction based low risk investment.

• Packaging: Built with modular approach and feature based.

• Business Policies: we always make is right for the customer.

• Proven Processes and Practices: FARM.

• Partners: Market leaders UiPath / DocuSign.

• Buying Experience: proven ROI.


• Brand and Reputation: High reputation for things done combined with innovative brand.

• Owning Experience: Our customers and partners are at forefront of innovation journey arriving at mutual success.

• “Whole Company” Value: CANDA's mission is to Making Risk Management Easy.

• Customer Programs: Out customers community and their success is what we think and execute daily.

CANDA Solutions customer experience differentiators


Risk Management Problem?
We Are Here to Solve It.

At CANDA, we're all about empowering our clients to overcome their risk management challenges, significantly improve operations and achieve remarkable success. 


Today, we're thrilled to share some of the common challenges we solved for our customers to make a remarkable impact on their business and security operations.


We streamlined their onboarding process, getting new hires and crossovers billable on contracts quickly was a top priority while ensuring that new team members were contributing to projects faster than ever before.


Our solution came with built-in compliance features, making stringent regulations of DCSA and NISPOM hurdles feel like a breeze. Compliance was no longer a hassle; it was seamlessly integrated into their workflow.


Our predictive ability to forecast contract start dates with confidence, resulting in better resource allocation.




Automation and streamlining ensured error-free clearance package submissions, smoothing the path to government approvals.


Our advanced tracking and reporting features provided complete visibility into clearance submissions, contract and compliance dates, boosting overall efficiency.


With our Business Case, they could calculate the tangible benefits our solution brought to our customers, making it easier to justify their investment.


Detailed metrics and reporting provided valuable insights at every step, empowering all stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

At our organization, we believe in putting our customers first. Our success stories are a testament to our commitment to understanding unique challenges and supporting our partners' goals. Together, we've transformed many National Security enterprises. 

Are you ready to embark on a similar journey to success? 

Contact Us today, and let's write the next chapter of your success story together!



Customers Success Realized.


The CANDA team has been tireless in their approach and assistance in all aspects of this dram-from a paper bound archaic system to a streamlined quality processing documentation tracking tool.


Our Fresh Haystack integration was a necessary shift to our business processes & change management, and the efficiencies gained have paid off not only for the visibility and transparency into the hiring cycle but also for the integration of data that automated what used to be manual offline actions or inquiries thus saving time and resources.


With what I have seen with your system and how it is designed, this could be the major infrastructure to pass clearance information to the entire U.S. GOVERNMENT.


CANDA Solutions have provided program management, technical expertise, and a "Can Do" attitude in all aspects of this process.

Our fresh approach ensures continuous and improved productivity driven by customer requirements.

It’s easy with us.  Everything we do centers around our guiding principle – helping our customers achieve success and improve worker productivity.

Most software development projects fail due to poor communication, inadequate testing, lack of budget adherence, or conformance to pre-set or vanilla industry standards.  Our approach, our process of FARM, changes that. We’ve taken failing IT projects in the government and made them referenceable accounts.

This proprietary process, FARM, is the result of the combined experience from our team of seasoned IT professionals, all that have been on the front lines and intricately engaged with all aspects of development, case management, and client requirements.

The result?  Business Process, Customer Experience, Data Process, and Risk Mitigation Process are all aligned and working together, providing results – results that create breakthrough Agility.

Our dedicated process combines a fresh approach along with our depth of expertise and credibility in meeting client and organizational mission. We ‘FARM’ all that we do, utilizing a Fresh approach to Agile, Aligning business drivers, stakeholder needs and priorities and outcomes, driving Results with our focus on client requirements, needs and priorities, and always with our inherent focus on a Managed Approach.


CANDA Solutions FARM proven process
CANDA Solutions FARM proven process


Our unique and fresh approach to Agile methodology results in improved information worker productivity.  Based on the Agile manifesto, individuals and interactions are more critical than processes and tools, customer collaboration is more important than contract negotiation, working software more important than comprehensive documentation, and what we find most critical, responding to change more important than following a plan. It’s our experience than makes a difference.  We know what is needed and when, and our process accounts for variables, priorities, and deadlines to be adjusted, accounted for, and managed.  All we do is Agile.  It’s not just a one time Agile approach; it’s embedded in every aspect of our delivery.  Our unique approach brings response to a change, along with the voice of the customer, and ensures that following a plan forward is not only achieved for a near-term operational effectiveness, but is also flexible for future adaptation.


When we FARM, we take the focused approach of aligning three key success factors to ensure client success.  We align business drivers, stakeholder needs, and priorities and outcomes.  Traditionally these are stovepipe goals, independent of each other, and yet, individually each is critical for organization or mission success. We bring them together, break down barriers, align common attributes, and create a path that moves everyone forward efficiently, effectively, aligned, and always working in the same direction.

Additionally, we always make sure that client requirements using Agile are translated in the results, which are aligned and prioritized with business needs, while feedback is constantly incorporated and product improvement is a daily task.


A Fresh Take on Agile,
We FARM All That We Do.


Experience Talks.


In order to provide the results clients, organizations, and missions demand from today’s environment, CANDA utilizes a focus on both customer and project driven results.  Everything we do is centered on client requirements, creating results that make an impact and create client success.  We know that environments, requirements, needs and outcome, and mission priorities, fluctuate and change. Our approach accommodates these changes, and keeps requirements prioritized and results driven by client requirements.


Our managed approach ensures that all aspects of a project are reviewed, communicated, documented, planned, and executed.  We manage and seamlessly deliver data driven information to provide client and mission success.  We ensure clients are in the loop every step of the way, results are personalized to provide metrics, and insights and information are particular to each client, beginning with the set-up where we review critical success factors.  Overlooked aspects to Agile implementation will compromise the very nature of Agile, with assumptions that are made creating roadblocks and stalling progress.  Our approach disables these potential problems and provides clients a dynamic solution that creates results.


Across the enterprise we have seen a significant improvement in visibility and cycle times when screening and processing various levels of security clearances that we did not have before.


Using Fresh Haystack allowed our firm to considerably increase our efficiency in complex business case processing and reduce cycles by 2/3.


As a personnel security specialist with 30+ years with the Department of Defense, this system has all the bells and whistles.  The most important function for those involved in the personnel security program is accountability and the capacity to immediately access the subject’s dossier and accurately determine the status of the investigation, adjudication, and/or entire hiring process.  For the customer, the same is true.  Immediate and secure access into the system to track an individual eliminates unnecessary phone calls, status checks, and overall frustration with a process that is governed by executive order.


CANDA Solutions team worked with us to provide assurances and mitigate business risk. They are clearly aiming at the risk minimization and are laser focused on the customer.

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