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Navigate the Complex Landscape of Enterprise Risk Management.

National Security, intellectual property, brand protection and innovation are the lifeline of our clients. We get it done.


Fresh Haystack is built for operational risk management leaders in the national security enterprises who need to meet government security compliance demands and want to achieve recognizable reductions in risk, costs, and people to do it.

Fresh Haystack is a pragmatic risk management platform tailored to meet the needs of more stages in the adaptive risk program development journey.


A blueprint for addressing the ever-changing requirements and policies across the threat landscape, Fresh Haystack addresses timely needs better and faster, with more predictable costs to deploy and manage.

Unlike homegrown office automation solutions or enterprise case management software, or low-code / no-code solutions, Fresh Haystack is a software product suite that addresses all the key pressure points as they are felt and necessary for keeping the bad guys out and compliance levels high, while closing critical gaps in time to market. 
Designed for modularity, so you can get what you need when you need it, Fresh Haystack modernizes national security. Capability is preconfigured and packaged for accelerated delivery – a fraction of the time in most cases. Reliable and trustworthy automation frees our customers from time-consuming ‘build, deploy and manage’ tasks so they can focus on the next.  


Fresh Haystack Risk Management


At Fresh Haystack, we understand that navigating the complex landscape of enterprise risk management is a critical factor in achieving sustainable success. Our Risk Advisory Services, inspired by the spirit of innovation and driven by data-driven insights, are designed to empower your enterprise to thrive in an ever-changing policy and business environment.

CANDA experts meticulously assess your organization's risk landscape, identifying potential threats and opportunities that often go unnoticed. With our in-depth analysis, we provide a holistic view of your risks, allowing you to make informed decisions, digitally transform your organization, connect business silos and deliver measurable ROI (Return On Investment).

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We craft customized risk mitigation strategies that align with your unique business goals. Whether it's strategic, operational, financial, or compliance-related risk, we've got you covered.

National Security, intellectual property, brand protection and innovation are the lifeline of our clients. Identifying risk vectors and implementing a framework and tools to protect against internal and external threats is what we do.

The combination of digital transformation strategy, expert risk analysis, understanding current and future policy changes, and existing partnerships / relationships result in a comprehensive, balanced approach to identify and mitigate potential threats across your entire organization.

CANDA Solutions Risk Advisory Services


Our Innovative Approach.

CANDA Solutions LLC it was awarded a five-year subcontract to CACI supporting Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) Background Investigation (BI) Fieldwork Services to provide background investigation capabilities.

CANDA Solutions is boosting CACI’s long-standing partnership with DCSA and brings significant investigative capacity with national coverage for conducting background investigations on civilian and military applicants and Federal employees or employees of Government contractors and consultants to Federal programs. Work will be performed in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and all commonwealths and U.S. Trust Territories.

CANDA understands the criticality of the background investigation mission to our nation’s security. We bring wealth of experience in conducting background investigations on the national scale, and  expanding critical functions necessary to fulfill DCSA mission - securing the trustworthiness and integrity of the U.S. Government’s workforce. We are proud to support DCSA mission and looking to expand innovative Fresh Haystack platform’s digital modernization, BI automation and AI capabilities.

Fresh Haystack offers best-practice, preconfigured investigation workflows powered by response plans for Insider Threat, Workplace Violence, and other case types with powerful SLAs, notifications / escalations, task and checklist management for effective and timely case resolution.




In today's fast-paced and increasingly digital world, risk management has transcended beyond traditional methods, necessitating a more dynamic, integrated and technically sound approach. This is where CANDA Solutions comes into play, revolutionizing digital transformation in risk management. 

As experts in the risk management, we not only built an innovative tool, Fresh Haystack, but are a strategic ally in navigating the complexities of modern risk management. Our approach is based on the following principles:


The Fresh Haystack platform is more than a tool; it’s your partner in the digital landscape. With its advanced algorithms, it efficiently sifts through extensive datasets, transitioning from mere data collection to deep data interpretation.


This transition is critical - it transforms raw numbers into actionable insights. By identifying potential risks and opportunities hidden within your data, we enable your organization to adopt a proactive stance, staying one step ahead rather than reacting to challenges as they arise. This strategic foresight is invaluable in today’s fast-paced market.


At the core of every successful organization are its people. Recognizing this, we place a significant emphasis on automating repetitive tasks. Why? Because when your team is freed from the mundane, they can dedicate their expertise to tackling more complex, value-driven challenges. Automation isn’t just about saving time; it’s about enriching your team’s work experience and enhancing productivity. 


By integrating automation into your operations, we ensure a smoother, more cohesive workflow, aligning everyone with the overarching goals of your risk management strategy.


In the age of digital transformation, integration is key. Fresh Haystack integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, different business silos to ensure there are no gaps in your risk management strategy. This integration is not just about software; it's about integrating your organizational culture with a mindset geared towards comprehensive, enterprise-wide risk management.



At its core, Fresh Haystack utilizes advanced predictive analytics and AI. This means the system doesn't just report on what's already happened – it forecasts potential future risks, giving you the edge to prepare, strategize accordingly and get ahead of the potentially critical event.


AI RIDE (Risk Integration & Decision Engine) technology determines the effect of added risk/data to the previous risk baseline (client defined) and produces a risk scorecard.


RIDE uses a variety of structured analytic models and methodologies, for example SMA, Relational Network Analysis, Symantec Analysis, Content Analysis, etc., to recognize patterns, regressions, and clustering from several disparate data sources to build contextual evidence around the observed anomaly.


Fresh Haystack is built on the principle of continuous improvement. As your organization grows and evolves, so do your risk management needs. Fresh Haystack adapts, ensuring it always meets your requirements, no matter how they change over time.


Finally, Fresh Haystack empowers your decision-makers. With clear, concise, and accurate information at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

In conclusion, Fresh Haystack represents the future of risk management in a digital world. It’s not just about managing risks; it's about transforming how you approach them, making your organization not just more secure but also more intelligent and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of risks. 

With Fresh Haystack, transform your risk management from a necessity to a strategic, long-term advantage!


Revolutionizing Enterprise Security And Architecture.




At CANDA, we understand that Enterprise Security and Architecture are more than just technical necessities—they are the lifeblood of your business’s success. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the entire development cycle, encompassing business strategy, technical infrastructure, the competitive landscape, and data management. Most crucially, we focus on delivering unparalleled value to all stakeholders: users, developers, managers, and the architecture team.

We balanced crucial stakeholder representation: while user needs are often given prime importance, we recognize that other stakeholders sometimes don't receive equivalent support. Our architects represent a wealth of knowledge, understanding not only the products and projects but also the varying priorities of system requirements across multiple business units — from organizational goals to product functionality and quality.

Our approach for client success:


Efficiency is key. We create a focused environment for our architectural team, setting clear 'walls' to minimize distractions and temptations, enabling rapid and efficient progress.


Understanding and tracking product priorities and developer concerns is crucial. We establish seamless communication channels between developers, project managers, and architects to ensure that systems are not just planned but executed cohesively.



Keeping projects on track and on schedule is imperative. Our architects maintain direct contact with customers, fostering an educated team that stays abreast of market directions, thereby significantly reducing technical risks.


At the heart of our architecture strategy is the facilitation of team communication and understanding. We adopt software development methodologies that reduce risk by promoting active communication among various project roles and involving business leadership in the development and implementation of the enterprise architecture.

At CANDA we deliver Your Vision, Our Architecture and we don't just build systems; we build long lasting relationships and understanding within your organization, ensuring that your enterprise architecture and security solutions are not just functional but are integrated, strategic components of your business's success.

Contact Us at CANDA, where your business strategy transforms into an architectural masterpiece.

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